We believe as much as 60% of the global economy’s physical products will be made ethically by 2030, and infrastructure tools for precision fermentation will play a key role in a manufacturer’s ability to scale.

Exocule is a precision fermentation data-intelligence company that has built the infrastructure to leverage deep data collection, rich insights, machine learning and real-time visualization to help scale the future of alternative protein production, today.

From meatless meat to woodless wood, Exocule is on a mission to help optimize, support and scale alternative foods/fuels manufacturing by painting a real-time, data-rich, holistic picture of the complexities of each process.

We're working to support and optimize alternative protein production companies that are finding it difficult to scale with their current systems.

Winely, an Exocule solution that brings deep learning of fermentation to the wine industry, has successfully served as Exocule’s proof of concept, having unlocked more data than many research universities while optimizing an age-old process through the power of advanced technology.

From bio food producers to conscious winemakers, we’re helping sustainability-focused businesses better visualize and understand their data with unprecedented precision and predictive analysis capabilities. Led by experts in the fields of science, sustainability, biotechnology, agriculture and artificial intelligence/ machine learning who are committed to a cleaner future for both people and the planet, we help these companies tackle the problem of scaling up while saving them time, money, manpower (and in some cases, lives).

Exocule is dedicated to eliminating poverty and hunger; promoting industry, innovation, and infrastructure; responsible consumption and production; taking action in the fight against climate change; and creating jobs and economic growth.

We strive to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

No poverty

Our technology allows localized production of foods and material providing food security.

Zero hunger

We help alt-protein companies produce food at scale closing the scarcity game.

Decent work & economic growth

The new industry is estimated to create 285,000 new jobs in the United States.

Industry, innovation & infrastructure

New infrastructure to old practices. We're help unlock production of old product in ethical new ways.

Climate action

Reduce carbon emission dramatics and in many cases net negative carbon emission, cutting out logistics, farming methane outs and returning land from agricultural use to nature.

Responsible consumption & production

We support cellular precision monitoring in all forms to product. With only endogenous sugars as inputs and much less water than alternatives we're helping companies produce all sorts of material without need to use land, minerals or animal inputs.